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Get heard on Xamun with Get Satisfaction!

Get Satisfaction is known as a customer community software platform that caters to customer-centric discussions and information exchange. In its conception, it showed results of customers wanting to help each other out by answering questions, posting queries and offering suggestions.

As a business solution, Xamun found GetSat to be an intuitive and friendly environment that in turn reflects our philosophy as a company. Such philosophies that mirror ours are: receptiveness to opinions and ideas, transparency in discussions, and providing simplified answers to complex questions. If you’re following our twitter feed, you’ll see that we’ve housed a more elaborate FAQ section on GetSat where you can post follow up questions and discuss best practices on approaching certain roadblocks. The community is up and being maintained by our earnest Support Team and we will continually build other sections such as videos, tutorials, etc.

You don’t have to sign up for Get Satisfaction although it is greatly recommended especially if you like to proactively participate in the community. You can easily log in with your Twitter, Facebook, Google Account, Windows Live, and OpenID and you can already start posting!

We like to hear what you want to see on Xamun’s Get Satisfaction community. We hope to see you there!

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